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Defending The Rights Of The Accused

A criminal defense attorney must play multiple roles, including personal counselor, educator, strategist and zealous advocate. For the client, perhaps the most important role a defense lawyer can play is that of a problem-solver. Attorney Neal Green fills these shoes and more.

At the Law Office of Neal Green, Jr., people who are accused of crimes find help to resolve their legal issues and protect their freedom and future.

Attorney Green represents clients in criminal defense matters involving a wide variety of issues, including allegations of:

  • DWI: first-time offense, repeat offense, driver’s license suspensions and commercial driver’s license (CDL) defense
  • Property crimes, including shoplifting, robbery and fraud
  • Assault, manslaughter, sex crimes and other violent crimes
  • Weapons violations, arson, and other misdemeanors and felonies

Successful outcomes may be dropped charges, reduced charges, deferred adjudication, lowered bail, acquittal at trial, or probation instead of jail or prison time.

Effective, Customized Legal Strategies For Criminal Cases

No single solution will work for every case and every client. At the Law Office of Neal Green, Jr., personalized representation is the norm. Neal gets to know clients and develops the strategies that will best help them achieve their legal goals.

Neal fights for his clients every day in the courtroom and helps them to limit the damage an arrest and criminal charges can do to their personal and professional lives. For example, he will work quickly to prevent domestic violence charges from damaging a client’s child custody case.

Contact An Experienced Trial Lawyer Who Is Ready To Defend Your Future

If you have been accused of a crime, get started defending your rights and freedom without delay. Contact the Law Office of Neal Green, Jr., by calling 903-229-4284 or contact the law office by email.

The Law Office of Neal Green, Jr., in Corsicana, Texas, serves clients throughout Navarro County and the surrounding area who are in need of defense from misdemeanor and felony charges.

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